Sifnos – The chic Cycladic

Sifnos – The chic Cycladic

 Keeping a low profile, without boasting for its virtues, Sifnos reveals very quickly its rich qualities! It’s picturesque, with a valuable gastronomic inheritance, rich in folk art and tradition, architecture, aesthetics and natural beauties which are everywhere around you.

 Do you like walking around? Start with a walk along the “Steno” in Apollonia.  Especially during afternoon/evening hours. Everyone’s there at that hours! Have a drink while listening to fine music, make your purchases…. Don’t miss the unique strolling around the alleys of the medieval “Castle” settlement. Follow the descended the stairs to the chapel of “Eftamartyros”, perched on a rock emerging from the sea. You will be compensated! Still not enough walking? Walk from Apollonia to Artemonas through the narrow streets, taking pictures at every corner / courtyard / door way that suddenly looks more scenic than all the others and reach Artemonas with the magnificent neoclassical buildings, the bougainvillea houses and the elaborate ceramic pots that decorate the chimneys (flaroi). Are you a real hiker? Sifnos has a well organized network of trails with maps and all (100 km) –

 Do you like swimmming? Of course! You don’t have to go far! Covering all tastes and at short distances you can reach every beach. Sandy ones (Kamares, Platis Gialos, Apokofto, Glyfo, Fasolou, Vathi, Herronissos – the furthest …), rocky, for dives from rocks (Panagia Chrisopigi, Seven Witnesses / Castle …). Organized … in Kamares, Platis Gialos and Vathi and you will find everything at your feet . Or maybe you and the beach trees (Glypho) and then settle there for hours. If you fancy a boat tour you can have it, too. You will discover small lonely bays just for you.


 Do you want to eat well? You came to the right place. The path was well shown by Tselemendes the first Greek cook to publish a cook book! You will traditionally eat: “mastelo”, capers’ salad, dishes with “manoure” and local “mytzithra” (local types of cheese) and of course “revithada”, the famous chick peas soup. Do you want more modern dishes, gourmet cuisine, appetizers, Italian cuisine? There are top choices in every field, hosting excellent restaurants in narrow streets, verandas, courtyards with immense views …

 Do you love sunsets and sunrises?

“Chrysopigi” church on the cracked rock, with her bell tower, is the perfect scenery to see the sun rising up, coloring the Aegean sky. Then sunset at “Agios Simeon”, at the highest point of the island. You can see the church from “Kamares”. At night it’s illuminated looking like a spacecraft! In the evening it “dives” in orange. Do not miss the sunset view from up there!

Agios Simeon

 Do you want to entertain yourself? Drink your cocktails at the bars along the “Steno” in unique settings. See if your visit comes upon a local feast “Panigiri” at some chapel or the “Tselemendes festival” or some other event organized by the superactive Cultural Association of the island. Be informed about the cultural events of the island on their pages: ,

Lots of things to learn about Sifnos on the most accurate web tourist guide 

Where the unique charm of Sifnos comes from, it is up to each one of you to discover. Look for its hidden gems and take with you what will make you want to turn back over and over again.


We stayed at Meropi Rooms & Apartments . We also highly recommend Nymfes Hotel  both in Kamares

We TRIED & we liked: “Maiolica” in Platis Yialos  (modern Mediterranean cuisine- fantastic!!!)

“Drakakis Cafe” in Apollonia, (small dishes – very good)

“Cayenne Restaurant Art Gallery” in Apollonia, (more gourmet, slightly expensive but it’s worth it- perfect)

“Okyalos” in Apollonia, (We had wonderful Sifnian dishes)

“Mamma Mia” in Apollonia (Italian cuisine) (very good)

“Doloma” Bar in Apollonia (on a nice corner)

“Kitrino podilato” in Artemonas (for a nice dessert or coffee in a lovely courtyard)

“Smaragdi” in Artemonas (we had a nice breakfast)

“Syrma” in Kamares (delicious breakfast on the beach) . Free sun loungers!

Beach bar “Old Captain Bar”  in Kamares. Really nice shadowy setting, great music, good service.

Kyma” beach bar in Kamares. Nothing special. The sunbeds are charged for 3€ each

We tried “loukoumades” at “Three blond angels”. .  Average for our standards.

WE VISITED the ceramics workshop of Yiannis Apostolides, on the road from Kamares to Apollonia. Do not miss it!


On a spring Sunday outing in Velvento

On a spring Sunday outing in Velvento

It’s spring time! The perfect time for walking, outing and taverns in the sunshine! A great opportunity for daily excursions to nearby destinations that may not be the first to think of as an option.

Lake view

Velventos or Velvento, a town in Kozani’s Prefecture, on the northeast side of the artificial lake of Polyfytos is the perfect choice! With 3.437 inhabitants, Velventos is situated on the foothills of Pieria mountains.

Just before we reach Kozani, on Egnatia street, turn left towards the airport and Servia. Arriving at the bridge of Lake Polyfytos we have a nice view of Pieria mountains and Servia village across the river on the the slope as well as the bow- shaped lake, spread wide at this point. After the bridge follow the road to the left towards Velvendo. A neat, picturesque village, in a beautiful landscape! If you combine it with wine / tsipouro and snacks in one of the restaurants in the area (we ate in the beautiful courtyard of “Remvi” (Texas), tel. 2464031473) then there is nothing else to ask for on a spring Sunday!

Walk through the streets and the squares of the village among plane trees, beautifully tended gardens with flowers and traditional two-storey houses surrounded by the fields of apple trees and vineyards of the region, which thrive for many years thanks to the rich waters that run almost everywhere.

Skepasmeno Canyon waterfalls Skepasmeno Canyon

But first of all take a walk in “Skepasmeno” Canyon, just 5 km far from Velvento up to the waterfalls. After a small hike up on a prominently marked path, you get over the big waterfall and, if you continue, you will enjoy the magic of nature as well as many lakes and small waterfalls give another energy in your escape. Information about the flora of the region on cards placed on the trees, spaces with tables and benches and built barbeques cover those wishing to spend more time there.

And when coffee time is near, if not Velvendo, then choose to enjoy it in the nearby settlement of “Neraida” , right after the bridge as you leave, enjoying the wonderful view of the lake from above. Oh, and before you leave try the “touloumbes” (churros) and donuts of “Zande” sweet shop (at the entrance of the village tel. 2464032501 open S / K 18.00-21.00)

The neighboring village of Servia with the Byzantine castle and the canyon towering over the city can be included in the excursion program. We stopped there for our morning coffee.

Try the trip and you and tell us your impressions and form an ideal excursion for the area!

– The Wineries. of Vogiatzi, the Zande and Kamkoutis. You will find exquisite wines

Where to Stay

Nine Muses, tel. 24640- 49012. hostel with 9 rooms in the center of Velvento. Each room named after a muse.

Agnanti, tel. 24640- 49002. Above the village at the foot of Pieria with great view to the village, the valley and the lake.

Where to eat

“In VELVENTOS”! Near the central square you will find “dreamy” cooked.

“Metochi”, high in the foothills of Pieria. Grilled meat and spit.

“Remvi”. Well meats time and cooked.

“Watermill” Of Time and sometimes spit.

What to buy

The cooperative products are excellent and famous! Indeed many stars for them! Especially their local jam types!. You will also find very good wines (the very famous “Domaine Vogiatzi” and the worth trying wines of “Zande” and “Kamkoutis”. Finally, the famous “touloumbes” (churros) made by Zande.