Salzburg of Mozart and salt

Written by katerina

12 January 2018

“Rome of the Alps”, the fairy-tale Salzburg, takes you back to the times when the new musical compositions of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart resonated everywhere in his beautiful birthplace. It’s the most touristic part of Austria after Vienna.

Hohensalzburg Castle The city of Mozart and salt (the economic power of the region in Roman times relied on mineral salt, the “white gold”), with its well-preserved baroque- style old quarter and the easy access to the Alps, is one of the most important Austrian tourist destinations, full of history, beautiful places and finesse.

The Salzach River is flowing through the old town, with its impressive castle at the top of the hill and the snow-capped mountains around! It is an attraction for visitors, who include it in their journey despite the three hours’ drive you need to reach it!

It’s the old town you have to visit, with the main street full of shops, selling clothes, souvenirs (most of course in the person of Mozart), food… everything! Buy Mozartkugel chocolate. the main streetAfter all, they were first made here! Visit impressive churches and of course the castle at the top of the hill for panoramic views over the city!

Have your coffee at Tomaselli, ( the famous coffee shop, with people queuing to take turns at the tables. Try one of the sweets they bring you to choose from on a huge tray and taste Café mélange or hot chocolate with whipped cream! But if you don’t like the buzzing, choose any smaller café and enjoy coffee without the fuss of the world on your head!

As tempting as it may seem to spend endless hours in this picturesque old town, Salzburg has a lot more to offer to those who have decided to explore every part of it. It is a city with an amazing art scene, great food, manicured parks and concert halls that support the musical tradition of the city 365 days a year.


Tomaselli cafeMost important sights

  • Old Town (Altstadt) and Residenzplatz square
  • Dom zu Salzburg – The Salzburg Cathedral with a long history and impressive architecture. A must!
  • The house where Mozart was born (Getreidegasse 9)
  • Schloss Mirabell. Just before heading to the Old Town, it is worth making a stop at Mirabell Palace and its gardens! Several scenes of the movie “The Melody of Happiness” were shot there!
  • On your way to the old town you will cross the pedestrian bridge Makartsteg bridge with thousands of padlocks on its sides! Locked loves with dates and initials! The incredibly beautiful view from the river invites you for photos at this point! Especially at night when the bridge forms a golden arch over the river!
  • Hohensalzburg Castle – Built in white, on top of the small Festungsberg mountain, it offers stunning views of the Alps, the river and the whole city. Built in 1077 by order of the Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg, it is one of the largest and best-preserved medieval castles in Europe. Take the Festungsbahn cable car and drink your coffee up there!

The house where Mozart was born    The Salzburg Cathedral


If you plan to visit several sights in the city, it is in your best interest to issue a Salzburg Card. It provides free admission to city museums, free use of the cable car, ferry services and public transport. Benefit from a range of discounts at concerts, theatrical performances and excursions to various destinations in the Salzburg area. Run the numbers and see!

pedestrian bridge Makartsteg

There are also Hop on-hop off city tour buses (starting from Mirabellplatz) as well as carriages outside the cathedral!

All the information with details, such as tickets, visiting hours, etc., here:


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