Papigo villages- Beauty without limits

Written by katerina

31 October 2017

Megalo (Big) Papigo

  Top destination all through the year, Papigo is getting higher and higher in the preferences of those who love mountainous destinations. We visited in autumn this year and we once again realized the reason for its certification as “Protected Settlement of Special Beauty”. We won’t talk about the beauty that our eyes enjoyed. The photos we took speak for themselves! We will just tell you where to eat nicely, and what to see in the area on a 48 hours’ stay!


  For dinner, we picked the “Routes of flavors” in Papigo and their pork chicken and chicken “kontosouvli”, a mixed salad and the local cheese (galotyri) in a beautiful environment, and when it was time to leave, we all agreed that Mr. Aris knows how to lead you in enjoyable, tasty trails!

The next day, for lunch, with the rain falling unceasingly, we found shelter in “Zeus”, in Mikro Papigo! The space inside makes you wonder if you made a good choice but what a lucky pick! Beef with spaghetti, ”metsovore cheese”, wine, all excellent!


  We stayed at the amazing “Papigo Villas”, a complex of 3 traditional autonomous villas at the entrance of the village! We stayed (all six of us) together in the lovely villa “Sileni”, overlooking the village and the towers of Papigo. Fully equipped, with a more than full refrigerator to prepare our breakfast! Ideal hospitality and a very good price (150 € / night for 6 people)! We strongly recommend it!


  Wander at the cobblestone streets of the stone-built villages! Do not miss the opportunity to walk them all! Every now and then you can’t resist but stopping for photo shots! As for the view to the Astrakas Towers it magnifies your eyes!

  In the unique “Sterna”, at the entrance of the village, you will spend a lot of time choosing unique and tasteful decorative and utilitarian items, homemade jams, liqueurs, herbs … but also in “Rogovo” , on the side of the village where the road leads to Mikro Papigo, you will find traditional products of the area and selected items that travel you in time!

“Kolimbithres” or “Ovires Rogovou”. Natural ponds formed on the road of the “Rogovos” stream, due to the particular geological character of the area. Follow the path next to the stream. It is in the middle of the distance between the two settlements. You will see the wooden sign.

“Voidomatis” riverVisit “Agios Vlassios” church in Megalo Papigo, with its rare architecture and its 100-year-old frescoes and the “Taxiarches”church in Mikro Papigo.

Stop at the bridge of the blue “Voidomatis” river! Highly photographed, it passes you over the cleanest river in Europe!

Hiking, horseriding, rafting for the most active of you… and more that you’ll discover yourself, depending on your mood or you will read in the article on our page

And if you feel like telling us what else you tried …we are here to listen!


“Margarites” in “Kipoi” village

  On our way back towards Giannena we stopped for some coffee in the village “Kipoi” and the café “Margarites”. We got in the café looking around the decorations! Freshly decorated for Christmas! All we wanted was a cup of coffee…. a few minutes later…six teaspoons along with an orange pie, a desert named “ants”, hot from the oven, ice cream with sweet blueberries, and a devine banoffee filled the table space!!! All handmade and freshly made!

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