Tripoli: in the heart of Morea

Written by katerina

25 July 2017

   Approaching the city, the Arcadian landscape is revealed in front of you. The Mantineia Plateau with its vineyards and the Forested “Mainalo” mountain at the background! You drive through the city from square to square!

   In your tour of the heroic city, you will stop at the central square of Ag. Vasileios! The imposing metropolitan temple dominates the square, built at the same place as the mosque of Ottoman Tripolitsa.
Enjoy your Greek coffee at the traditional “Grand Cafe” ( a building of 1898) next to the main square, decorated with heavy dramatic curtains, large, carved, wooden mirrors and chandeliers , still retaining something of its oldest glamor.

metropolitan temple of Ag. Vasileios the traditional «Grand Cafe»

You will stop at the renovated “Petrinos” Square with its cafes and bars next to the “Malliopouleion Theatron” (listed in 1905).

«Malliopouleion Theatron»

   When you continue to “Plateia Areos”, you will find yourself in one of the largest squares in Greece. Together with the lush municipal park, numerous cafes and taverns, it is justifiably the meeting point of everyone in the city. At one end stands the imposing statue symbol of Tripoli: the Old Man of Moria, galloping on his horse and at the other side stands the Court House.

the Old Man of Moriathe Court House

   The city has an Archaeological as well as a War Museum, with relics of the 1821 Revolution of the nation. Excellent buildings testify the architectural past of the city. Among them are the magnificent building of the Cultural Center and the neoclassical building of the former Town Hall of the city.

the Cultural Center
Is it time to eat something? You will go to straight to “Drunk dog” and you will not regret it!

At  the outskirts …

   Enjoy a walk in the coolness and tranquility of “Agios Georgios” grove or perhaps watch a show at his stone open theater and, in the afternoon, head to Agios Theodoros. A path behind the church leads to the “Stone of Kolokotroni” , a curvy rock that resembles an armchair, from  where Kolokotronis  was overlooking  the whole city during its siege by the ottomans . Incredible views!


stone open theater of «Agios Georgios»


Tripoli from the «Stone of Kolokotroni»

And a little further, 13 km to the north and across the archaeological site of ancient Mantineia, is the church of Aghia Fotini! You have never seen such a church! Ancient Greek and Byzantine architectural styles make up its undefined architecture, built with a variety of materials! A church difficult to describe.
Aghia Fotini
If it is around 15th August, all the streets lead to one destination! “Tegea’s” big feast (an open market lasting for 5 days) is a unique experience! Dozens of merchants sell their products at good prices, in front of the Byzantine church of “Episkopi” and in a beautiful park owned by the Tegean League. Do not leave without tasting the famous “pig in the spit”, a special delicacy! The smell will lead you to the right spot, of course!
the Byzantine church of «Episkopi» in Tegea
Buy traditional products: noodles, lasagna, “diples” and local cheese!

Arcadian land is closely linked to the long history of the place! Your options are not limited here. From Tripoli you can have day trips to the coastal “Leonidio” and “Astros” and the mountainous “Levidi”, “Dimitsana”, ”Vytina”,”Lagadia” … .. Decide which aspect of Arcadia you want to explore and set off!

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