Autumn in Paris

Written by Maria

21 March 2017

  End of August, the best time to visit Paris! You only need a thin cardigan for the evening. The trip combined pleasure and work so we were looking for our tickets were for very specific dates. We booked the return ticket for 30 € at the end of May and then we expected the prices to fall before booking the departure ticket …

   Finally, we booked it in August for 210 € … That was a bit pricey but we could do nothing at the time. Our hotel Hotel “Operadeauville” was close to the opera house. We stayed in a clean, warm, tiny, little attic room. Anyway, it was just for a sleep! One of the most economical hotels, in a nice area, it cost almost 300 € /double room for four nights. We booked it through

  We started our day with breakfast delicacies from the oven on the opposite corner. Quiche Lorraine, tartaletas, croissants (plain without chocolate filling … how diapponting!) and of course coffee! But we can never have enough coffee, so we provided ourselves with a XXL coffee cup from Starbucks that lasted for half a day!

 On the first day we arrived in the afternoon at the hotel and we did not get to see enough stuff. We walked up to the opera that was very close and then we headed down to the Seine.

 What enchanting landscape … Even the alleys had something imposing that made you shiver! The next day, equipped with all we needed … map, camera and of course something to nibble , we started our walk in Paris! We bought a metro ticket valid for 4 days (37.25€). It may sound a lot but it is OK!

 Our first stop was at the Louvre museum. An exquisite building … A mere glance at all the exhibits will take you at least one and a half days … They gave us a map of the museum and we chose which rooms to visit! We were lost at 2-3 times but we managed to see the Greek exhibits, Venus of Milos, the imposing Victory of Samothraki and many others. Somewhere there was the Mona Lisa … My feelings about this painting are mixed … It’s a small painting and the whole world was gathered in front of it … When you turn your head, you see “Kana’s wedding” … It covers the whole wall… and such awesome details!

 We moved on to the banks of Seine, we browsed in the antique shops and bought souvenirs at very good prices! A little further, the French made an artificial sandy beach with sun loungers and showers to cool off! At the end of the road, the “Notre-Dame de Paris”! I will say no more…….. the photo says it all!

  After a walk in the area’s alleys and a delicious crepe we returned for a rest! The “Champs-Elysees” were our next stop, I have to say … such lavishness I’ve never seen before !!! Chanel, Dior, Armani, Versace, Gucci and many more! At the end of the road the arch of the triumph, “Arc de triomphe de l’Étoile”! It’s worth going up to enjoy the unique view!

 Another place with incredible views is “Montmartre”! A very beautiful area in a high point of Paris. Painters, vendors, street musicians make up a magical landscape! Of course, we followed the example of the French and we sat on the lawns for a mini break! In the “Gardens of Luxembourg” we also took a nap on the lawns!!! … To our surprise, many visitors did the same thing! It’s the verdant scenery that calms you …

 I left Paris’s landmark at the end! The “Eiffel Tower” … Very nice lighted in the evening but a stack of irons in the morning … In the evening, the park in front of the Eiffel tower is filled with people! Going a little further up at the park, on a large landing, every night has tango music and dancers traveling to you in another era … How much more beautiful can a trip to Paris end?…

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