The island of Ammouliani in Halkidiki

Written by katerina

17 September 2016

 The island of Ammouliani is located in Halkidiki, in the gulf of Mount Athos. Ferry transport is very frequent during the summer season, with a ferry departing every half hour from Trypiti. The voyage is very short since the mainland is only approximately 3.8km away and the city of Thessaloniki lies at a distance of 130 km. At just 20 minutes and for 2.20 € per person and you have reached the port of Ammouliani.

  Check the ferry departure schedules because there are changes according to the season).

ammouliani 25

  Ammouliani is a small island but having your car can be very handy! It does not cost much (10 €) and you can visit all the beaches of this small island! However, if you choose not to have a vehicle, it’s OK. There is a bus that awaits you at the harbor to take you plunging wherever you wish.

 If you haven’t booked a room,yet, we unreservedly recommend “ARCHONTIKO” hotel. Clean and charming rooms, a variety of handmade breakfast (we loved the home-made orange jam). In June the room price was very reasonable. We are not sure about the rest of the summer!

 ammouliani 14

It’s time to take your buckets and go to the beach!!! Here’s where we went! At the “Beach Bar Island”, “Karagatsia” and “Alykes” (Beach Bar Savana – last in the row, after the camping). Our humble opinion: If you like crowds go to “Alykes”, if you prefer calm, quiet beaches to go “Karagatsia”. Almost all beaches are organized. They provide you with two deck chairs and an umbrella without extra charge, just coffee or whatever else you order. (The Water bottle is for free).


Megali Ammos Beach, Beach Bar Island

“Karagatsia” beach


 Alykes beach, Beach Bar Savana

 Important Tip: If it’s windy on the island, don’t make second thoughts! Head to “Karagatsia” beach. There is a nice canteen for the “difficult hours”.

 You can also take a day cruise around the island with stops at beaches or even to the smaller islands nearby. If you feel like Sinbad the Sailor, you can also rent your own boat for one day! It’s a great experience! You don’t need a licence!

   Time for some cold coffee? Enjoy it in NAFTILOS or if your choice is for a drink,try AELIA SUMMER COCKTAIL BAR, both with a view to the harbor.


 Are you hungry? We ‘ve got all the details for you! Try the fish tavern “TZANIS” , at a 10 minutes’ walk from the port (maybe 8). If you do, we suggest you taste couscous served with seafood. Respect! Great, polite service! If you don’t wish for a fish tavern, you have alternatives such as pizzerias, Greek fast food(gyros/souvlaki wrapped in pita) and small taverns with homemade dishes. There’s no way you will leave dissatisfied!

 Now you expect us to suggest some evening bars … Fail! (It’s not that there aren’t any!) When you go on holiday in June you dream for absolute relaxation and peacefulness, so after dinner, you get back to your room early, turn on the air condition and cool down while watching old series on TV. Avoid the balcony! The raid of many (really a lot of) mosquitoes. Get a mosquito repellent to survive them.

 So here is our overall opinion of Ammouliani! It is a beautiful island, with crystal clear sea, organized beaches, and everything in close proximity. The island size is such that you don’t need to spend time in transportation. It has several shops that cover the whole range of dining, entertainment, gift items and clothing. It also has amusement parks for young and older children. If you visit in June to calm and rest it’s a perfect destination.


TIP 1: If you come from Thessaloniki, choose the road via Egnatia motorway and take the turn at the crossroads for Stavros/Redina. (Otherwise, you may be stuck into Halkidiki’s heavy traffic)

TIP 2: The island is small. Not a good choice for long holidays.

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