A tasty Sifnos

Written by N.Psyharakis

3 September 2016

The first time we visited his beautiful island, George, our friend from Sifnos, told us: “Sifnos has an energy that you either accept it and worship the island, or you reject it and never come again.” After three years holidays’ in a row in Sifnos, guess what has happened! The DNA that builds our chromosomes has now a trickle of the “blue” of Sifnos!

   As you understand, it’s a little difficult to tell you which places we visited and what we ate in all three visits. “So here are the highlights. And you’re lucky, to come along at the best!

   How do you go to Sifnos? Just …take a boat from Piraeus. There are many itineraries offered during the day by various ferry companies. You’d better get the fast ferry. Three hours later you’ll be there! Here’s a tip: You will find it handy to have your car with you. Sifnos is a big island which means you need a means of transport. You can always rent one but we can’t guarantee the prices! If, on the other hand, you don’t have a car, no worries! KTEL with its frequent itineraries all over the island, will be at your service.

   For a stay we will tell you a name: HOTEL NYMFES in Kamares (at the port). George (yes, it is the one that we mentioned above) and Moscha (his gentle sister) are our friends, we really can not tell you anything about their hotel: neither about the Greek, most traditional and handmade breakfast nor about the pool that will cool you off on the days when you are lazy enough to go to the beach, or the rooms that have a view to the harbor and the sunsets of Sifnos. No, we won’t tell you anything, so that you don’t think we are biased! Just look at the photos and draw your own conclusions.

  Have you been settled in your room? Put on sunscreen and off to the sea. Sifnos has beaches for all tastes. From sunset and calm, without human intervention, to organized beaches with the comfort of sunbeds and umbrellas. Choose among the sandy beaches in Kamares, Vathi, Platis Gialos, Apokofto, Faros, the pebbled one in Vroulidia (hold your breath on the way back, walking the up cliff path!) And if you wish for a beach on rocks, then go to Chrysopigi. You know, there is the church of Panagia Chrisopigi! Exquisite! Most photographed sight! You may have heard about the many weddings taking place there.

   We went to nearly all of them. Do you want to know our favourite ones? Kamares, at “Syrma” café, Wire (very polite people, free of charge sunbeds along your order. You’ll enjoy your coffee as well as their dishes ). Faros (Glypho), see that you go relatively early there, to catch up the shadowy spaces under the trees to lay your body and finally the Apokofto, which also has trees along the beach and you enjoy a view of Chrysopigi.

cafe Wire Apokofto Faros

   And now we reach our favorite theme. FOOD! We don’t know if you’ve heard, but Sifnos is the island of gastronomy! The Greek chef of the 20th century, Nikos Tselementes was born and first cooked here the famous Siphneian chickpea recipe. And of course, there is also a Gastronomic Festival named after Nicholas Tselemnedes. On September 2016, Artemonas organized the 10th festival in a row, and it has reached the point when the festival is slowly expanding to the rest of Greece and abroad as well. We also met the president of the Cultural Club of Sifnos Ms. Maria Nadali The success of the festival was more than certain being organized by such active members of this club. Visiting each pavilion and tasting the traditional delicacies of each place is, by no doubt, a form of happiness. Good food is also happiness (Yes, we ate a lot and we returned heavier)!

Nicholas Tselemnedes Gastronomic Festival

    And here’s what we tasted! In Kamares, if you want cooked food and delicious seafood, go to “Meropi”. If you want “gyros” or “souvlaki”, go straight to “Maria” at Avlemon. In case you wish for Italian flavours, we recommend the pizza house Da Claudio. You’ll eat well!

   In Apollonia you can choose “Dremon”, the Italian “Mamma Mia” and Art Restaurant Cayenne (a bit pricey but you will experience a cultural and delicious taste shock).

   In Artemonas, visit Mosaic and the Yellow Sweet Shop Bike.

    Finally, for something completely different try the Lebanese delicacies in Maiolica in Platis Gialos . Strong and spicy flavors in deliciously served dishes!

    And when you are done with food, wouldn’t be nice to go for a drink? Oh, yes! You’re gonna go! You have a lot of choices, especially in Apollonia, but for a special experience choose Rabaga. A great multi-purpose place that combines food, drink, shopping and fun.

  Before we let you go back to what you read, we suggest that you go to Castro. Great location with panoramic view. If you are an early bird, then this is your place to be! A perfect sunrise spot!

  P.S. 1: Hey!… We forgot to tell you about the church of Saint Symeon, at the top of the mountain, above Kamares! A 360 ° view! What’s more, at night, when it’s lit up, it looks like it’s flying!

  P.S. 2: Almonds and anthers cooked by Gregory in Artemonas! And the ceramics, a gift to mummy by Giannis Apostolides in Kamares

  P.S. 3: Don’t forget to bring all the above home as souvenirs. The memory of Sifnos will be with you forever !!

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