Plastiras lake in early spring

Written by katerina

14 March 2016

Just nature and you! This is the sense you get from the first moment you face the lake. It activates all your senses. You can hear the silence interrupted by tweeting birds or the sound of wind passing through the foliage of the trees, smell the smoke from the fireplaces while your eyes follow the turquoise waters of the lake forming small fjords.

The lake view from the East Our 2 days’ trip to the region was more than enjoyable. We set off on Saturday morning with direction Larissa – Karditsa. After Karditsa we followed the south direction so we turned left towards Agios Athanasios – Lambero.

The view of the lake from this side is unique! Swiss landscape with snowy peaks above the lake! Each turn reveals a new setting. After a small adventure that led us to the center of Lampero we arrived at the Dam.Megdova Dam The 220 meters long Megdova Dam, completed in 1959, holds the waters of the flood Tavropos, former plateau of Nevropolis, forming Lake Plastira or otherwise Tavropos. On this side there are small shops with local products (ouzo, liqueurs, honey, noodles, herbs …). We walked along the arc that forms the dam, gazing at the lake from one side and on the other the precipice of 83m. and when the traffic light turned green we passed on the opposite side.

Continuing our way northwise now, we crossed Belokomiti village to arrive later at Neochori where hotel “Pandion” hosted us on Saturday night. Neochori -the most touristic village in the area- spreads on the slopes and offers panoramic views of Lake Plastira. The two junior suites of “Pandion” suited us fine. The people of the hotel with their warm hospitality made us feel at home!

Our hunger led us to Tavern “Mushroom” just outside the village, in a beautiful location overlooking the lake. Preference of many visitors from what we saw, it left us happy with the dishes we chose. Mushroom soup, prasotigania (fried pork with leek), burgers and chicken ala crème. The very nice “tsalafouti” dish (local cream cheese) and less “Cleomenes potato”. (90 euros / 7 persons).


hotel "Pandion" «Tavropos» activity centre

The sun was still warming us when we were heading to Kalyvia Pezoula lakeside. We were looking for a coffee spot but we ended up at a center of outdoor activities, a few meters before the beach. «Tavropos» activity centre offers bike rides in the lake or outside, archery, canoeing, etc. Half the group went water cycling, the rest tried archery. Until it got dark…… Coffee was waiting for us in Kazarma hotel. So was the chocolate soufflé! What is there to say about Kazarma? You have to see for yourself! (In Kalyvia Pezoula heading north, a sign leads left on the slope)


the monastery of Panagia Pelekiti Breakfast in “Pandion”, a full buffet covering all preferences a nd planning the rest of the day. Our first stop was the monastery of Panagia Pelekiti (open hours: 10.30 to 4.00 “) carved in a vertical rock with two temples, Ascension and Virgin Mary (1640), overlooking the lake from above. There we shot some of the most beautiful panoramas. The impressive stone-built church was recently restored and its unique frescoes of the 15th century were preserved, as we were informed in a thorough tour that was offered to us. Tavern FloresiWe skipped the visit to the Observatory and the Botanical Garden for the next visit and we got uphill towards Anthochori. In order to see if the information they had given us was valid.

Waterfall of Anthohori”: 1200m. distance, was written on the sign just berore the village entrance. Not so far some of us thought! The uphill path took us 50’to walk it to and fro and it was worth every minute of it.

We were more than ready for lunch when we got back! Tavern Floresi for uniquely home cooked food! In the center of Anthohori! There are simply no words to describe it! Rooster with noodles, beef in a pot, and galotyri (type of local cream cheese), all unique! Ms. Helen is an artist in cooking! Everything cooked with local ingredients, handmade by her. Excellent service as well! (EUR 70/7 person) And when it was time to leave we thought that we had such a beautiful time, worthy of sharing our experiences in that place with you!

For more information about the area visit the site:

panoramic view of the lake

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