Milos – where nature makes art!

Written by katerina

13 August 2013

Off to Milos, the horseshoe-shaped island, a volcanic island, a “nature’s artwork” with one of the largest and safest natural harbors in the Mediterranean, “Adamas” port.

With two sandy beaches in a short distance and accessible without any means of transport (“Lagada” –at 500 meters and “Papikinos” -1 km from the center of Adamas), “Adamas” gathers all the commercial traffic as well as many sailing yachts, that anchor at the marina! The KTEL bus stop and the taxi rank are at a central spot. (Boating and sailing excursions to the inaccessible beaches of the island and tours around Milos and Kimolos set off from the port.)the mines of Milos

In Adamas visit the unique “Milos Mining Museum” that uniquely highlights the rich mining history of the island, as well as the current mining activity, with innumerable rocks and fossils that you rarely have the chance to see. See also here:
the old German WWII shelter
Visit the galleries of the old German WWII shelter in Adamas, Milos (frequent art exhibitions), to the left of the port of Langada. For dining try “Zygos” (2287023120, 6949721963) and “O! Chamos! “(2287021672) or taste the original “gyros” at “O gyros tis Milou” at the port. Rent a car, like we did, or take the mini bus to “Plaka”, the capital of the island and one of the most intact capitals of the Cyclades. Choose afternoon hours to avoid heat. (Vehicle traffic is forbidden.)

in the straits of Plaka Plaka

Enjoy idyllic sunsets with splendid colors and panoramic views of the bay of the island from the top of the Plaka hill and the imposing 13th century Venetian “Castle”. Walk as far as the church of the “Assumption of Virgin Mary” or “Messa Panagia” at the top of the Castle and below “Panagia Thalassitra”. Or even visit “Panagia Korfiatissa”, for a dreamy sunset from its marble courtyard.sunset from «Panagia Korfiatissa»
Two museums preserve the cultural heritage of the island. The archaeological museum housed in a neoclassical building of Tsiler, small but impressive, with the copy of Aphrodite and the Folk art museum (opposite Panagia Korfiatissa), housed in a 19th-century traditional architecture building. Both located in Plaka. Dine at “Archontoulas” tavern, on the main street! Spend a day at the northwestern part of the island. On the way to “Pollonia” or “Apollonia” (10 km from Adamas), visit the beaches of “Mytaka”, “Agios Konstantinos” and “Papafranga” and the ruins of the ancient city of “Filakopi”.

nautical museum Papafranga

From Pollonia, you will reach “Psathi”, the port of neighboring Kimolos. Small boats, water taxis and Ferry-boats take you there in just 30’. Get on an excursion boat to the cave of “Papafranga” and the rare rock formations in “Glaronisia”. Swim on the sandy beach of Pollonia and select the “Gialos” tavern (tel. 2287041208, 6977746472) for your lunch! On your way back take the road to the area of the Mines. If you have a mood for adventure! A geological paradise! More here:

For a further tour, choose “Sarakiniko”, one of the most photographed landscapes, a volcanic formation of white rocks, similar to lunar scenery. Many take a swim in the narrow sea lane that enters the rocks. Visit the traditional settlements with “wires”, Mandrakia and Fyropotamos. There you can swim and eat (“Medusa” – Mandrakia). Alternatively, swim in the very pretty Platyna.Klima

Visit “Klima”, a traditional settlement – fishing village under the village of Plaka, with the colorful “sirmata”. Buy handmade souvenirs in the “Yellow Wire”. Continue to “Trypiti” with its windmills, head down to the Catacombs, leave your car and walk down the steps to the only catacombs in Greece. Call for hours of visit: 2287021625. Discover the beaches of the south: “Paliohori”, “Agia Kyriaki”, “Tsigrado” and “Firiplaka” with the shallow turquoise waters. The variety of colors is unforgettable! The unbelievable variety of pebbles and the rock formations!!!Firiplaka

“Hivadolimni”, right at the center of the boulder forming the bay, also has a beautiful sandy beach, the longest in length, with an organized camping site.

Experience the unique tour of the island by the sea! There are plenty of boats, caiques and yachts suitable for sea trips and you have the luxury to choose the one you prefer according to your needs and mood and enjoy the colorful kaleidoscope of the beaches of Milos! (Be careful! Ask for details and make sure you have all the necessary things with you !!!)

Agios Dimitrios, Vani, Triades, Agios Ioannis, Sykia cave and Kleftiko cave in the caves of medieval pirates who had their lakes on the island, leaving their tracks on the spectacular gray-white rocks with strange figures next to caves. Here the caiques stop to dive in the turquoise waters! Continuing the trip, you admire all the beaches of the south with the most spectacular of the Sulfur mines with the abandoned factory. Going east and then north until you get back into the harbor offers unforgettable pictures! Did you count all the 75 beaches of the island?

Have fun at Milos Festival (exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, music and dancing evenings)! Enjoy!

Buy local products such as pies (stuffed with peppery dry local cheese), sweet made of white round pumpkin, watermelon pie and the well-known tomato sauce. Local cheeses and traditional baked goods, as well. Everything so delicious!

For our trips (car rental, tickets) we were served perfectly by “Riva Travel agency” just across the harbor (2287024024, 6946278528)


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